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Nov 22, 2010

Compilation of groups according to sexual preference: What do you think?

Our general discussion structure starts with breaking the whole group into smaller groups for intimate exchange, so individuals feel more comfortable discussing personal issues. After our last discussion group, we had a few requests to organise our smaller groups according to sexual preference, as opposed to our last discussion, which had randomly compiled groups mixing everybody.

We want to know what you all think; does this matter to you to discuss with those that share your sexual persuasion or do you prefer the group to have mixed sexual preferences?

Oh, one more thing whilst we´re at it:
How do you feel about it being WLT only? Do you mind this segregation or do you prefer it?

Go on, give us your opinion :)
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Anonymous said...

It is a bit weird to me to separate into this groups because I wouldnt know where I should participate as I actually don't know my sexual preferences in context of gender. (Did you mean gender?)

Tina said...

My orientation is also too fluid for it to make sense for me to join just one group. Last time I also found it very helpful to hear about ladies' experiences with men. As long as I am not the odd person who likes females I am fine.

As for it being WLT only, I really prefer that. I wouldn't feel that comfortable talking about such issues with cis males.

Slut Conspiracy said...

By sexual preference or persuasion we mean how you identify yourself sexually e.g hetero, bi etc. We understand that these catergories can be redundant and don´t apply to some but for others they can be significant.

Anonymous said...

How did you finally do it?

Slut Conspiracy said...

We actually split up into 2 groups, English and Deutsch speaking.