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Nov 16, 2010

First discussion group @ LaD.I.Y.Fest Berlin 2010

We lauched our project at this year´s LaD.I.Y.Fest with our first Sex, Sexuality and Empowerment discussion group. It was fucking great. Open to W.L.T (WomenLesbianTrans), we had over 20 participants of mixed sexualities discussing issues of sex: obstacles, ideas, discoveries, sexuality; it´s personal meaning, how we express it and connect to it and also issues that relate to intimate relationships.

It was a mature and relaxed affair and well, I have to say, I found it entirely satisfying.  It was really stimulating to discuss with new people these types of topics and be presented with their views to broaden my own.

I find the term ´support group´ kind of cheesy but for a lack of a better description, it was like a sex support group, where people who value the quality of their sex life, get together to discuss and share their experiences/views in aim to overcome sexual obstacles, further their relationship with their own sexuality and empower each other through solidarity.
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