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Dec 7, 2010

Thanks to all who particpated, see you next Jan @F54

Thanks to all the Ladies that came last Sunday, it was another relaxed however rousing discussion.

For the unfortuantes who missed it...
We split into 2 groups based on language; those who wanted to discuss in either German or English. We all brainstormed topics as groups before discussion and got together at the end to talk about our exchange.

Topics of discussion included: 
personal borders and how to say NO
ignoring/not pandering to social expectations
personal performance issues and confidence
how you identify what you want and need
the concept of pleasure
issues of bordom/lack of concentration.
what it means to be sex positive
..........and many more that I can´t remember right now.

We are taking a Xmas hiatus and will be back next January. The venue F54 was agreed by all that it´s super: relaxed, cosy and quiet, a great place to host an intimate discussion group.

Thanks again for all who joined the chat, oh and next time please feel free to bring any material (pref in English if possible) that may ignite and add depth to our discussion.

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