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Oct 10, 2011

Healthy Sluts: Sexual health info exchange & discussion 13.10.11 @F54

We're ba-ack!
ah ha, that's right... After a sassy Summer hiatus we are back beating the slut drum - this time to the beat of practising good sexual health.

Healthy Sluts:
is a relaxed info exchange and discussion session covering the topic of sexual health - areas of discussion will include:
   What is safe sex? How do you practise it?
   Disclosure and communication with lovers over past and present sexual health experiences
   STI's -causes,treatments, preventions and experiences
   Where to get tested/checked in Berlin

We encourage you to bring any material/information that may add to the discussion and/or can be shared around

This event is open to everyone, we believe it is beneficial to hear & share experiences from all points of view.

This Thursday (13.10.11) at 7pm
Friedelstr. 54 Neukölln

Be there!
Love & smut SC
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