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Jul 12, 2012

!!!Sluts Invade Vienna!!!

Although sadly Berlin is in slutty summerbreak some slutiness has been exported to Vienna.

Slut Conspiracy, makes a slap-in-the-face debute in Das Baeckerei! 

We happily invite you to our sassy events;

Tue, 17 july 17.30 (doors close 17.50) "Rapeculture" - What is it, how does it effect us? Examining gender stereotypes, the "real" rape, rape myths etc. What kind of structures can we create to confront rapeculture within society and ourselves? Seminare/discussion/workshop. Open for all genders/non-genders.

Thu, 19 july 17.30 (doors close at 17.50) "Body/Sexuality" - The personal is political, in small discussion groups we talk about themes focusing on our bodies, our sexuality (what is it actually?), where are we in our sexual lives and where do we want to be? Discussion. WLT*

All events take place at: Das Baeckerei, Tannengasse 1/Ecke Felberstraße, 1150 Wien

We recommend u to check out our Discussion Guidelines and our Manifesto before coming to the events.

Love and Smut // SC
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stefaniewu said...

Dear Slut Conspiracy!
How can I register for this workshop?