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Mar 13, 2013

Sex&Sexuality discussion Monday 18.3 to meet at 7pm Black Rose Books, Newtown , Sydney

Dear Sydney,

Slut Conspiracy is a Berlin based sex positive collective who organise
sexuality focused discussion groups, information events, and distribute
zines. We aim to promote mature, safe and invigorating relationships (both
sexual and non), positive & responsible sexual attitudes, sexual
empowerment and the equality of all humans.

And .. We are proud to announce our maiden discussion here in Sydney away
from the frost bite of northern Europe.

'Sex & Sexuality' discussion group will be held next Monday, so come be a
part of a honest and mature discussion and share your views and
experiences on a range of topics draw from questions such as:

> What does your sexuality mean to you and how do you connect to it? What
does it mean to be a responsible lover?
> What obstacles do you face/have you faced when interacting sexually with
> How would you describe your sexual relationship to your own body? How do
you practice consent?

Where & When?
Monday 18th March 2013 at 7pm
meet up at Black Rose Books,
22 Enmore Rd Newtown
..... from there we will retreat to a private garden just around the
corner for discussion at about 7:30pm.

**This particular discussion is only open to WLT* (women/lesbian/trans*) due
to the intimate topics involved, sorry if that isn't you.

We have set guidelines for our discussion, to check out
these and all other info about the project visit:

**Please note, this is a a micro focused discussion group, not a forum for
political debate. We will discuss set questions in relation to our own
personal experiences, and to focus on self reflection and development
through sharing our individual experiences. It won't include any lectures
or workshop type activities.
**Due to the intimate nature of our discussion group it will be held in a
safe private space..

OK, hope to see you Monday!

kiss kiss bang bang,
Slut Conspiracy
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