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Oct 10, 2012

The Festival
-an anarcha-feminist sex positive event-

This one-day sex-positive festival will take place at three different venues around f-hain nord-kiez on October 20th, 2012.

Villa Kuriosum (WLT* until 21.00)
Scheffelstr. 21, 10367  Berlin - Lichtenberg

At Villa we will not only have workshops, voku and the after-party, we will also have a clothing swap, zine table + soli sale of products from the queerfeminist collective and safe space "Needle N Bitch" in Indonesia and a chillout space. We will have zine booths where we encourage those of u who want to to share experiences of opression, in society at large or your specific "scenes", in a written or artistic way to be printed after the festival as the first zine in a series of "These are our stories" editions. Furthermore there will be an exhibition by Zanko and feminist posters for sale.


12 pm  DIY: Make a whip from bicycle inner tubes

2 pm    'I don't want to have sex'
A workshop about personal experiences of sexual pressure, especially in the queer and anarchist scenes. But wait, there is more: asexuality, non-sexual phases, and what is this 'sex' anyway? Why is it so difficult to get cuddles without the whole intercourse thing? How do drugs and alcohol effect sexual relations? Can sex be a drug? A short input followed by an open discussion. Open to 25 participants. Language: English and/or German

4 pm    Relationship anarchy/open relationships/free relationships
Discussion about the terminology of non-heternormative and non-monogamous relationships, is there even a need of labeling? How can we identify and criticize the norms and rules for relationships and love and create wonderful and healthy relations with our friends and lovers? What are the negative parts and what are the positive of choosing an alternative way of having relationships? How is this all connected to different power structures within society?
The workshop will be focusing on the emotional parts of relationships and the interaction within them, rather than the sexual part. Open to 30 participants, input followed by work in small groups of 4-5 people.
Language: English.

6 pm Dinner time with Vokü (vegan with gluten free option)

7 pm Flirting workshop 
A workshop to reflect on and practice flirting behaviours. How do we flirt and why do we flirt this way?
Language: English and/or German.

Lauschangriff (all genders welcome)
Rigaer Str. 103,  10247 Berlin

12 pm 'I don't reclaim the word 'slut' from patriarchy'
A space for people who don't believe in reclaiming the word 'slut' from patriarchy to exchange experiences and talk strategy. We have not found a host for this event yet, if you would like to be a host please contact us via

2 pm Trans Respekt
Mit welchen Arten von transphobem Verhalten sind Transmenschen konfrontiert? Wie wird ihnen oft durch Kleinigkeiten der Alltag erschwert? Welche Möglichkeiten gibt es Transmenschen zu unterstützen. In diesem einführenden Workshop sollen grundlegende Themen des Trans-Seins besprochen werden. Dabei gibt es zuerst einen Vortrag und anschließend kann auf Fragen näher eingegangen werden.
Sprache: Deutsch., Zielgruppe: alle, insbesondere Menschen, die noch nicht so viel mit trans zu tun hatten.

4 pm Männlichkeitskonstruktionen und Whiteness in den Jugendbewegungen Hardcore/Punk
Im Vortrag zu Männlichkeitskonstruktionen und Whiteness in den Jugendbewegungen Hardcore/Punk wird anhand von ausgewählten Songtexten und Bildern über verschiedene Rollenbilder und Subjektkonstruktionen der Szene diskutiert. Durch einen ethnografischen Zugang werden Themen von HomoCore, Afropunk, DIY und Straight Edge angeschnitten. Es geht vor allem um die Wahrnehmung und reflexive Arbeit zum Thema Männlichkeit und Whiteness. Wer nimmt in den Szenen wie Raum ein? Wo lassen sich subversive Strategien/Handlungen oder Emanzipation ausmachen? Andrea ist selbst in der Hardcore-Szene aktiv. Sie hat in verschiedenen Hardcore/Punk Bands gespielt und veranstaltet regelmäßig Konzerte. Somit ist das Thema nicht nur eine wissenschaftliche Angelegenheit, sondern eine Reaktion auf eigene Erfahrungen und ein Versuch, mit Themen wie Heteronormativität und Whiteness in der Szene
umzugehen. Für den Vortrag ist kein spezielles Vorwissen notwendig - dem Thema wird sich auf sehr praktische und erfahrungsorientierte Weise zugewandt, sowie aus einer kritsch weißen Positionierung heraus. Sprache: Deutsch.

6 pm Trans sexuality -->
In this workshop we will talk about the specific concerns of trans people (both trans masculine as well as trans feminine) about sexuality. Often things don't work the way you expect and there is more to negotiate and explain than with cis people, even though these negotiations might be just as helpful between cis people. We will start with reading some texts and then enter into a dicussion and sharing time which should be as personal as is comfortable for everybody involved.
Language: English, Audience: open to all genders. No knowledge or experience necessary, but disrespect of trans* identities will not be tolerated.

Fischladen (male-identified & all genders welcome)
Rigaer Str. 83, 10247 Berlin

12 pm Deconstructing masculinity
Men and Sex: Expectations and achievement. We will do critical examination of the stereotypical male sexuality and continue with a search for an alternative way to construct a more positive perspective on men and sex. For male identified. Language: english.

2 pm What is BDSM?
Basic introduction to the topic BDSM related to an anarcha-feminist context. This workshop is for people who are interested in the question “what is BDSM?” and want to learn more. It will focus on the definition of BDSM and “BDSM” sexuality. We will discuss the questions “What does consensual mean?” and “When is BDSM and sex consensual?”. In this we talk about how to negotiate sex and/or BDSM. We will as well discuss the borders between BDSM and sex, with focus on the following questions: When is non-BDSM sex reflected? What is Sex and what is BDSM? Does sex and/or BDSM need to be consensual in detail?
We close the door at the beginning of the workshop, to make it a more friendly space to discuss experiences. Open to 20 participants. All genders. Language: English with possibility for clarifications in German.

(Open for all genders/no genders)
- Screening of short movie "Hit is Shit" by Thomas and Miss Tobi.  

- Kei, Jenny Tale, Ann Antidote, and Jou: "Transdisciplinar Performance" (bondage/video/dance)

- Danny of 'Jesus and his judgemental father' queer pop punk from Leeds England  

23.00 DJ Cutloose - A genre-defying mix of uplifting, funky and soulful music from the past, the future, and all around the world.

“A Very competent and versatile DJ. Original and unpredictable selections. Utilizing the skills of a Hip Hop DJ but turning them to much more than that genre alone. Not genre specific. A fantastic balance between both songs I’ve never heard before (and now want to hear more) and older songs… Never a predictable selection. Emits great vibes too!”

02.00 - Sing till u drop Karaoke with Kjane Tilly. Takes the night away as well as your breath. 

During the event we will have an awareness group present to try and create a safer space. We have a no-tolerance policy towards sexist, racist, trans and/or homophobic harassment.

Love // SC

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NB : The workshop with bike tubes is about whips making only ! NO harness this time. Thanks
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