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Oct 13, 2012

Workshop timetable for anarcha-feminist sex positive festival 20.10.2012

Here is the workshop timetable at a glance, please scroll down for all descriptions and our performance/party line up.
Time Villa – WLT* welcome Lauschangriff – all genders welcome Fischladen – male & all genders welcome

12pm D.I.Y bike inner tube whip making I don't reclaim the word 'slut' from patriarchy Critical masculinity: Men & Sex workshop

Language: English Language: English/Deutsch Language: English. Male identified.

2pm I dont want to have sex workshop Trans-Respekt Workshop What is BDSM? workshop

Language: English/Deutsch Language: Deutsch Language: English (clarifications in Deutsch possible)

4pm Relationship Anarchy/open r'ships/free love workshop Masculinity & whiteness in hardcore/punk scene

Language: English Language: Deutsch

6pm DINNER TIME! Trans-Sexuality Workshop
7pm Flirting workshop Lanagauge: English

Language: English/Deutsch

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Tina said...

Dear Slut Conspiracy people
Could you post the Addresses of the venues?